What are the advantages of high altitude training?

• Improved fitness, performance and endurance
• Switch faster between various energy systems of the body
• Stimulates lipolysis process (fat-burning)
• Better metabolism
• Improvement of immune system 
• Lower blood pressure and cholesterol level
• Less appetite, stress and fatigue
• Faster recovery after training
• After injury return to desired level faster    

    Which high altitude products exist?

    There are many ways to enjoy the advantages of high altitude training. For a start, there are many types of high altitude equipment you can use for your training. b-Cat offers masks and tents but also build complete altitude rooms for gyms, hotels and other training facilities.

    It is not neccesary to choose between one or the other; you can make a combination of whatever suits you and your training schedule. For example, you can train in a altitude room during the day and sleep in a altitude tent at night.     

      Is there more than one technique?

      Yes there is! There are various training techniques each with their own methods. Three of the most well-known are 'Live High, Train Low', 'Live High, Train High' and 'Intermittent Hypoxic Training'. Research shows that 'LHTL' method gives the best results for athletes.    

        What is 'Live High, Train Low'?

        With this method, the body gets used to high altitudes (low oxygen percentage) but training will continue at sea-level where the oxygen level is 'normal' (21%).

        This 'Live High Train Low' combination is ideal for those who want to maintain their normal training intensity (this cannot be reached in low oxygen conditions) but still want to experience the advantages of high altitude training.    

          What is 'Live High, Train High'?

          With this method, the body will both stay and train at high altitude. Because the oxygen level is lower than at sea-level, the training intensity has to be adjusted. 

          With LHTH you reach the maximum high altitude exposure and thus will improve performance at altitude. An ideal training for athletes who need to perform at altitude or people with breathing difficulties.    

            What is 'Intermittent Hypoxic Training'?

            With Intermittent Hypoxic Training (or Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure IHE) one lives and trains at sea-level in combination with training at altitude.

            Interval training at altitude is a proved training and acclimatization technique for many athletes and mountaineers. IHT is gaining more popularity in the wellness branche as well.    

              What is the most optimal height to train in?

              The higher you go, the more response you get out of your body. However, heigth has a great effect of your night's rest and will decline if you go (too) high. You will find your ideal height by balancing the right amount of 'hypoxic stress' and the right amount of sleep. 

              The most important guide for using High Altitude is your SpO2, the oxygen saturation levels. Monitoring your saturation levels will show you how your body is responding to the altitude. 

              Experience tells us that a height of 2500 meters is the most ideal height for 90% of all athletes. This 'ideal height' can shift if the athlete gains more experience in high altitude training. 

              Generally speaking we suggest to stay below 3000 meter while sleeping at altitude. Exceptions to this rule are mountaineers who wish to acclimatize.    

                What kind of athlete benefits from high altitude training?

                Every athlete benefits from training under low oxygen conditions. High altitude training has a positive effect on every body. During high altitude training, more red bloodcells are produced which increases oxygen transport throughout the body. This in turn will increase the performance and rehabilitation of the muscles.

                In addition, high altitude training is also very effective for people with obesity, diabetes, asthma and COPD.    

                  What is the maximum training height of the generator?

                  The generator can simulate heights up to 5600 meter. Because research proofs that for 90% of the athletes, 2500 meter is the ideal training height, we advise this to mostly everyone. We do not advice you to sleep at a level higher than 3000 meter. The exception to this rule are mountaineers who wish to acclimatize before going on a trip.

                  Our custom systems (mobile chamber, climate chambers and built-in hypoxic chambers) can reach altitudes of up to 9000 meters.   

                  Is it possible to adjust the height with the generator?

                  It certainly is! The generator is the machine that controls how much oxygen the air contains he regulates. This is something you can control yourself. Of course, we will give you proper advice before you go home with our products.

                  Our larger custom systems can be individually set per room. You can even upload a full schedule to set the altitudes for an entire week.   

                  High Altitude Room vs. High Altitude Mask

                  Mask (in combination with a high altitude generator):
                  - Flexibility: you can train nearly everywhere as long as there is a socket nearby for the generator. 
                  - Free choice in training equipment or method e.g. spinning machine and bench pressing. You can easily move the generator from one place to another.
                  - Very easy to install and use at home 
                  - Cheaper solution compared to a high altitude room

                  Altitude room:
                  - Complete movability: because you are not hooked up to a machine, you can move freely without keeping in mind you're connected to a machine.
                  - High comfort: simply because without a mask, it is more relaxed to exercise.
                  - Room for more than one person at a time; for teamsports such as basketball or soccer.    

                  Can two people sleep inside a high altitude tent?

                  The tent is not very large but if you and your partner are used to lying close to each other, than we do not forsee any problems. 

                  Regarding the use of air you don't have to worry. The generator will provide the necessary air.    

                  Does the generator make a lot of noise?

                  The generator does make some noise but you don't have to worry; by extending the hose through which the air travels, you can easily put the generator into another room. This way, you can enjoy your nights rest.

                  Our larger professional systems (altitude chambers & mobile chambers) are extremely quiet.   

                  How do you simulate mountain air?

                  Oxygen molecules are spaced further apart at high altitudes because the pressure is lower; thus less oxygen gets inhaled per breath in comparison at sealevel. We simulate this effect by lowering the concentration of oxygen in the air (so not by lowering the pressure). The body responds in exactly the same way as it would if it was standing atop of a mountain.    

                  Do your products come with a guarantee?

                  All our products have a 1 year guarantee. Important is the fact that the product should be maintained and treated as described in the user manual.

                  Our professional high altitude rooms equipped with a VPSA nitrogen generator are extremely low-maintenance and very durable. These systems come with a 5 year warranty.

                  Is high altitude training based on scientific facts and research?

                  High altitude training has proven to be very effective for not only athletes but also people with certain health conditions like diabetes. Most people that regularly train in oxygen deprived air have felt an increase in strength, stamina and performance.    

                  Can high altitude training cause health risks?

                  The human body responds the same way in a high altitude room as it would in mountainous areas with the same (simulated) heigth. One of the first reactions the body will show is an increase in heart rate and rapid breathing to make up for the lack of oxygen. 

                  At the same time, the production of red blood cells is stimulated, which will eventually lead to acclimatization. Similar as in the mountains, people could get altitude sickness. This can be prevented by starting at a low level and increasing the height step-by-step (as described in our user manuals). 

                  When you are uncertain regarding your health, please advice your doctor before using high altitude training techniques.    

                  Why would I choose b-Cat High Altitude?

                  In addition to the right equipment and materials, we offer a complete high altitude concept. 

                  Together with strong partners we do not only possess technical knowledge but also the right scientific support to answer any question regarding high altitude training. From sport to health and from knowlegde to experience, we have it all.    

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