High Altitude Rooms

An altitude chamber is the ultimate feeling of freedom and comfort to train at altitude and is ideally suited in fitness clubs, professional training facilities or for altitude training with comfort in your own home or office. A altitude chamber can be realized quite easily by modifying existing spaces with often minor interventions to realize altitude simulation between 300 and 8000 meters. The equipment required for this is custom-made in-house, depending on the customer's wishes, our ultra-efficient and low-pressure altitude training system is built. Naturally equipped with every comfort, safety measures and user-friendliness.

  • Custom made
  • Existing rooms can be adjusted
  • No maximum size of room
  • All kinds of equipment can be placed inside
  • Easy to use touchscreen interface

If you wish to see it or try it out, you are welcome in our altitude chamber in Tiel, the Netherlands for a demo.

If you are interested in this altitude chamber, please contact us for more information.

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