Rental an Altitude training set

b-Cat makes it possible to rent complete altitude training and sleeping packages for a period of your choice. Not everyone will want to train at height as often, which makes renting a set a good alternative. This is also the ideal way to experience the results for athletes without experience with altitude training. Just like the sale of the altitude training sets, the rental sets are also available as:



Our altitude training sets are ideal for workouts, acclimatization and sleeping at height "sleeping high, training low" but can of course also be used for rehabilitation and acclimatization needs. In other words, for perfect preparation.

Our packages are equipped with pulse data logging saturation meter so that you can always be very controlled with your workout. All our products are of high quality and are already used worldwide by top athletes, academies and universities. The package is easy to install and comes with a manual so you can get started in minutes.       

All specifications and prices can be found in our webshop below!  


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